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Life is about more than just the working week, paying bills and surviving. It is more than the in and out of parenthood, repeated over and over, day after day. You are a unique individual, with unique dreams. Why live a cookie cutter life when you could be living the authentic life you’ve always dreamed of?

Living by the beach and spending days swimming; having more time with your partner and children to really enjoy them; taking control of your finances so they work for you; finding your inner power and using this to hold space for positive relationships, being the parent you wanted when you were younger – whatever your vision may be, you can make it happen!

We are using wellness, simplicity, minimalism and organisation on a daily basis to create space to live the life we love and allow us to be the best version we can be!

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Hey! I’m Amy – mama to 3 wild babes, teacher turned life coach and a woman on a journey to living a more simple life.

Over the past 3 years we have been learning all about simple, organised and (mostly) clean living. It’s allowed us to create space for the life we dream of…

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