I know what you’re thinking… BORING! Right? Ok, I’ll admit that I am slightly Type A… but not to the point of rigidity (LOL) and aside from that, I do wholeheartedly believe that living an organised life doesn’t have to mean living a boring life. If anything, it’s quite the opposite: living an organised life generally equates to living more efficiently and having the time to be present and enjoy.

  • Are you reactive? You wait for shit to happen then sort it out?
  • Do you often run late? Or feel stressed when things go awry and there’s the potential to be late?
  • Do you get late fees for bills, or reminders from the bank about overdue payments?
  • Or maybe you spend a decent amount of your life looking around the house for stuff, and yelling at your family about the things they haven’t done?

These are 100% the result of being disorganised. Sure, there’s living in the moment – but then there’s the inability to enjoy the moment because you have so much to do. That, my friend, is disorganisation.

When we streamline our lives, and pre-organise what we can – things continue ticking over, allowing us the mental and physical freedom to enjoy our day.

Being organised doesn’t take long, but has huge benefits!

10 Reasons To Be Organised

Here are 10 reasons why being organised rocks!

Feel Less Stressed This is a biggie – and a pretty obvious one! How much stress do you feel when you are always one step behind the eight-ball? Running from place to place, forgetting things and just generally living in a frantic state of mind? Living in a constant state of stress – no matter how mild it is – has a negative effect on our entire wellbeing. Knowing that you’re ready for the day tomorrow, the bills are paid, everything is in its place – will allow you to start each day less stressed and more centred.

Have More Time How much is your time really worth? And how much time do you spend wasting looking for things, shuffling papers or being distracted? Imagine what you could do with extra time! Being organised frees up more of your time – things tick along nicely, less time spent repeating errands that you had forgotten about – and utilises the time you have better.

Be Richer! Yep, that’s what it says. Be richer. Sure, I can’t guarantee you get a new income line from being organised (never say never though, I mean look at Marie Kondo!). But you can save money and effectively be richer from streamlining your life. Meal planning can reduce grocery bills and reduce food waste. Having the time to prep your meals and make a hot drink at home can reduce your daily spend when out. No late fees, no bill collector fees and the list goes on. It’s amazing how much money you waste when you are disorganised!

Be More Productive and Focussed While it takes some time to put new systems into place, once they are comfortably cemented into your daily life – they take care of themselves. Instead of spending bits of time here and there, paying bills – food prepping – tidying – running errands – whatever pops into your mind, allocating set time and systems to complete these allows you to focus on the task at hand and get it done faster.

You’ll Reduce Clutter This is a BIG one! I genuinely believe the saying is true: a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. And living disorganised means clutter – physically and mentally. When things don’t have their own allocated home (hello Marie Kondo) then it piles up and we have clutter in our environment. And it’s much the same with tasks that are avoided or pushed down the lists – these begin to clutter our mental space.

You’ll Eliminate Unnecessary Stress from Your Life Following on from the last tip – reducing clutter, reducing the time spent on tasks, reducing the mental worry – will all help to eliminate the unnecessary stress from your life. Absolutely there will be stress that you can’t avoid. And maybe general tasks like finances does induce stress (coaching can help with this!). But the little, everyday stuff shouldn’t be a source of worry. It should just get done, and then be filed away and forgotten about.

Be Spontaneous! When you have efficient, smoothly running systems, you are ready for the day and your mind is at ease – well, it’s frees up the space for you to be spontaneous! And if spontaneity just isn’t your buzz (fellow Type A personalities) then look at it this way – it frees up the space for you to be present, engaged and enjoy the moment you’re in!


It takes time to be organised – to know where you can streamline and make changes. Essentially, it takes time and effort to save you time and effort. Ha! There are a multitude of methods to be more organised – and to what degree, or what areas you work on is totally down to you and your life. Coaching can definitely help you with this – but so can simple tools like planners and habit trackers. We’re creating an Authentic Life Tribe area full of free resources which can help you organise your life more effectively. If this sounds like you, all you need to do to gain access is sign up to our newsletter!

Let me know what you think – will you organise something a bit more? If so, what? I’d love to know!


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