So you may be wondering, how do I start manifesting? Well, the thing is you already are! We are always manifesting, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Ever heard of the saying – “what you think about, you bring about”? Another one, from my favourite book (The Art of Racing in the Rain) is “the car goes in the direction of your eyes”.


You go to the grocery store and always get a car park? That’s because you’ve manifested it. You’re having a bad day, and everything keeps going wrong. That’s because you’ve manifested it.

It goes both ways – positively and negatively. Whatever our mind is doing, it’s impacting our reality. So, if we’re already manifesting – the question is actually: How do I start intentionally manifesting?

That’s the key: being intentional

Our mind is often more powerful than we realise. We think approximately 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Around 85% of these are negative.Eighty-five percent! Let that sink in for a minute! And, it gets better… around 90% of your daily thoughts are the same as yesterday! So if we’re always thinking the same stuff, then we’re always going to have the same outcome.

But… if we change our thoughts, we change our beliefs, we change our perceptions, we change our emotions, we change our actions and we change what we attract in life.

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3 techniques to help you up your
manifesting game

  • Visualising
    Visualising is just like day dreaming really. You start by closing your eyes and envisioning what you are wanting to manifest. Can you see, in detail what you want? Can you see the specific detail? Spend time imagining your outcome. And do this regularly. Build yourself up to being able to visualise this in your minds eye.
  • Thinking
    You want to be thinking about what you’re manifesting a lot. In the morning when you wake up, think about it. During the day if you catch yourself being negative or wishing for a change or hating on the current situation – think about what you’re manifesting. Before you go to sleep at night. Think about it. Combine it with a visualisation and you’ll be unstoppable!
  • Feeling
    This aspect is so key to manifesting! We feel physical emotions as a result of our thoughts. Our mind and body actually can’t tell the difference between reality and what’s made up (this is why you can feel extreme anxiety as if a lion is chasing you – even though you know that there is no lion, your mind-body can’t distinguish this!). You want to feel slim and strong before you are slim and strong. You want to feel abundant and rich before you are rolling in it. You want to feel your results, so that your mind-body are used to this feeling – so they can push you forward and help you to manifest even more strongly!

3 Tips for Being Intentional

Be clear. Be clear and specific on what you are wanting, and what you’re manifesting. By combining the techniques above – visualising, thinking and feeling – all focussed on the same goal, you have more power in manifesting your reality. If you are wanting to move house, really think about the details – what colour is the house, is it wooden or brick, what kind of property is it? Just thinking “I want to move” isn’t clear enough. Know the details.

Check your Self Talk. Remembering that 85% of our daily thoughts are negative – that’s a lot of negative juju being sent out into the universe. But, because our conscious brain is only working at a 5% rate – we need to identify the negative before we can change it. Listen to your self talk and see what shit is passing through. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to manifest? Make sure you are thinking the positive not the negative. Catch the negative thoughts, challenge them, and change them into a positive.

Be consistent. The more time you spend manifesting and working on a positive outlook, the more energy you put out into the Universe communicating your wants and needs. Be consistent about it – make a vision board and stick it on your fridge, stick affirmations on your bathroom mirror, put a reminder on the pantry door. Each time you see these you’ll be reminded to think, visualise, check your self talk and keep on track.


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