I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a bit of a whack year… Like, does it even count as a year? We are heading straight into June (how!). I’m sure there are many like us who set goals, had plans in place for what we wanted to achieve this year and we have had to just learn to surrender and watch them fall by the wayside? Our family had a savings goal – it was a pretty big one to be honest, but it was going to set us up on a really good path: to move, to have a buffer in case things went tits up and to treat ourselves a little. My husband was made redundant in January and then we went into lock down in March, a week before he was due to start his new job. How’s that for timing haha! So, safe to say – we haven’t met our goal, although we have been chipping away (slower than planned). 

But now we’re nearly in June, and I’m feeling the need for a reset. The whole Covid debacle is calming down (here in NZ) and things are starting to get back to normal. We are still wanting to move, Hubby is still jobless and we have baby 3 due any day. To really make the most of the rest of the year I want to reset, clear out and be ready to start fresh!

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Graphic reads: How to reset your life and why you want to.

What is a Reset?

If you do a quick google, you can find all sorts of resets or “30 day challenges” online. They can be themed or general, but I suppose the underlying theme of them is to spend some dedicated time making some small changes to your lifestyle or environment. This could be in the area of food (healthy eating), exercise, decluttering and cleaning, minimalist challenges 

I don’t have a specific focus – but feel the need for an allover overhaul of sorts – not in depth, but just little changes and clean ups to make things feel fresh and new again. While many of these resets are just surface nods to making changes – we can use them as a springboard to make deeper changes to the way we do things, the way we think and the way we act.

Mid year is the perfect time to take stock of our lives and think about how we want to reset.

Why Reset?

  • Get Yourself Out of a Rut

If we keep doing the same thing we’ll keep having the same result. Unfortunately it’s so easy to fall into a rut of a routine, and then before you know it the year has flown past and we don’t feel like we’ve achieved much at all. Taking a dedicated amount of time to reset will help to make a start on resetting behaviours and also patterns of thinking.

  • Help Determine Which Area of Your Life You Want to Make Changes To

Spending a month doing small deliberate changes, will really allow you to notice what areas of your life you are keen to continue working on. I mean, honestly, no one’s life is ever perfect! It’s human nature to always want to change something – but it’s absolutely more practical to select one area to work on at a time. 

  • Feel Fresh and Revitalised

While it can take time to make significant changes in your life – even making a start is enough to help you feel fresh and revitalised about where you life is heading. It’s like moving stagnant water – once the new water is flowing in, things start to become more clear and fresh.

  • Reflect on Your Goals

Spending time each day doing something to better your lifestyle, or environment, will allow you to take stock of what you want and where you’re going. Did you set resolutions at the start of the year? Or goals? How have you been tracking? Are they still what you really want to achieve?

Things We Can Do to Reset

There are so many ways to approach a reset. If you are aware of which area of your lifestyle you are wanting to make changes – you could just focus on that. The key is coming up with quick fire tasks that can be done in a short amount of time. Big ticket tasks like decluttering, cleaning and organising your whole house in one day, is a sure fire way to lose motivation and interest!

For example, if you want to focus on your:

Health – 30 quick activities to promote feeling healthier – think fitness, exercise, morning or night routines and rhythms, healthy eating, meal prepping, meal planning, drinking enough water, limiting caffeine, trying a new way of eating etc.

Relationships – 30 quick activities to connect to your loved ones (whether that’s friends, family or romantically) – think date night, friend dates, calling someone instead of texting them. 

Money – 30 quick activities to get your spending habits back on track – think redoing your budget, meal planning, no spend day, swapping out your bought coffee for a homemade one, making fakeaways.

Home Environment – 30 quick activities to reset your home environment – think decluttering your house, tidying up, organising, cleaning out your car, considering what you actually use and need and what is excess.

Fun – 30 quick activities to get some higher vibration energy back in your life – think going for a walk on the beach, spending some time in nature, going to the movies, reading a book, creating something, dancing, making a playlist of your favourite uplifting music.

You could focus on including more fun in your life.

30 Day June Reset Challenge

I’ve created a 30 day June reset challenge – which, let’s face it, you could do any day or month of the year!  

Below, and on Pinterest, you’ll find the overview of the 30 days – but if you want more in depth guidance and tips – follow me on Insta or sign up and receive a daily email throughout the challenge.

I’d love to have others on board to join in and keep me motivated too!


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