Let’s Simplify Life!

Does motherhood leave you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? The world we live in today demands so much from us as mothers. We grow up as women, expected to have a career equal to men. We’re also expected to bear children and raise them. How we’re expected to achieve all this, simultaneously is beyond me. We don’t have to do it all – especially once we realise that success doesn’t come from being busy! 

I was that Mum too – a stay at home but also work at home Mum – raising my babe, while juggling the household demands, researching about play and child development and baby led weaning etc, attending play dates and activities, being a wife, a friend, a daughter and working part time too. It was hectic. And hugely unenjoyable. I was burnt out and exhausted. Instead of finding ways to work smarter, I chose the opposite – get rid of the shit that wasn’t important – allowing me to simplify my life and live a more simple, minimal lifestyle.

Image shows a young mother with her back to us, in a green cardigan. She is outside with her toddler son who is walking up ahead of her. Graphic reads: 12 easy ways to simplify your life.

Here are 12 of the best tips I picked up along the way:

  • Say no
    Create boundaries to protect your time and your energy. Don’t say yes out of obligation – only say yes because you truly want to. Practise saying no.
  • Remove digital distractions
    Turn off notifications, remove apps that you don’t critically need such as your email, delete apps at a certain time of day if you need to (like your social media apps). Tune out from your phone.
  • Recharge
    Are you an introvert or extrovert? What recharges you? Identify what makes you feel like you, and schedule time for it.
  • Simplify your wardrobe
    Clear out your wardrobe of the items that don’t make you feel good. Clothes should be easy and comfortable. They shouldn’t be a headache waiting to happen. You could even try a capsule wardrobe if you’re game.
  • Create a rhythm
    Slowly create yourself a morning and evening rhythm – building in 5-15 minute blocks of activities which make you feel good such as yoga, meditation, journaling, reading etc.
Motherhood doesn’t have to be exhausting.
  • Live frugally
    Buy less shit and save more money. It’s amazing how the less stuff you have, the more time and love you gain.
  • Get out of debt
    Debt is 100% an unnecessary stress – one which many of us impulsively (and sometimes irresponsibly) get into when we are younger. Clear the board and start again.
  • Declutter
    Rid yourself of the excess that you don’t need. Do this before organising, so that you’re not just shuffling things around.
  • Practise Self Care
    Learn to meditate (no it’s not just sitting and trying not to think haha!), try yoga, write in a journal, practise gratitude. Try one of these to get your mindset working in an intentional and positive manner.
  • Busy isn’t best
    Your child will still flourish and live their best life even if they don’t go to swimming lessons from 6 months old, or baby sensory class, or baby gymnastics etc etc. You don’t alway have to keep them busy. 
  • Do nothing
    Learn to find comfort in the discomfort of knowing there is always something to do. Take time each day to just sit on the floor with your child – engage in play, observe them, soak in their beauty. The chores will always be there.
  • Embrace the hour of power
    If you want things to be clean and tidy (I totally get this!) then embrace the reset time and hour of power. Reset key spaces when your kids nap or at lunch time – e.g. the lounge and kitchen. It should only take 10-15minutes max, even if it just means throwing all the toys from the lounge into the playroom. Around dinner time, do the hour of power cleaning – hustle to tidy key spaces, dishwasher on, surfaces clear, quick vacuum etc. 

Don’t try all of these at once – pick and choose what resonates with you – but remember, motherhood doesn’t have to be overwhelming!


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