100% you can have children and a tidy house – the key is effective toy storage solutions that actually work for you and your family. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – storage can easily become a fancy way of hoarding. However, when utilised at it’s best – storage can help your household to run smoothly and efficiently as well as look and feel calm and organized. Read on to find out what to consider when purchasing storage solutions, as well as to see our top toy storage ideas!

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Things to Consider when Planning Your Storage Solutions

  • Space

One of the first things to consider is the space where your kids toy storage will be – in terms of location as well as the physical space which is available. Is it in a cupboard? Is it at the top of a wardrobe? Is it in plain view in a lounge, or tucked away in a playroom? Is the space tall and narrow, or wide with slim shelves? Will your storage be spread across more than one space? 

In our house, we have a small area within our lounge which has a three shelf bookcase of sorts, and a toy kitchen. On the shelves we have some books on display, a small farmyard toy with animals, and 1-2 other favourite toys for the week. These get rotated to keep them fresh and interesting for the kids. The rest of our toys and educational tools are stored in a hall cupboard. It’s a large area – probably for house storage, but we’ve filled it with kids stuff lol. In here are boxes filled with different types of toys. Our children have learnt that we take one box out at a time, and pack it up before taking out a second box. It works really well – keeps everything organised and it’s all out of sight by the end of the day. 

  • What You’re Storing

What are the kinds of toys that you’re storing? And how will it best work for your children? You could think about storing like with like, for example – a box of musical instruments, a box of toy cars, a box of blocks and so on. Or you could create mixed boxes that cater to all interests at once – a box with some music, some books, some trains or cars, some dolls and so on. You’ll need storage with lids for craft supplies, and play-doh too. You might want to consider repurposing some old zip lock bags to keep pieces of puzzles together.

  • Practicality

When I mention practicality, I am referring to the ease of accessing and using the toys within the storage. Ideally you want toy storage that the children can access and use themselves. Think – boxes or baskets with handles so they can carry them into other parts of the house. Ideally, you don’t want the boxes to be too heavy – again to help the children be able to lift, carry, and replace when finished. Consider what things you place up high (maybe craft supplies, scissors, paint etc) and what things you can put lower (which you don’t mind them getting to).

Effective toy storage ideas + solutions are the key to a calm + tidy house when you have kids.

8 Best Storage Solutions

  1. Book Storage

We have a few of these wooden floating shelves in each of our kids rooms – placed on the wall upright they are fabulous for book storage, and adhered to the wall upside down, they create a cute shelf to display trinkets, and the bar underneath can be used to hang clothes.

  1. Cubes + Baskets

Cubed shelving systems with pull-out baskets are ideal. The kids can see what’s in them, put things away themselves and they are easy to access for children of all ages.

  1. Clear Boxes

Clear boxes are great for kids to be able to see what’s inside them. These are typically plastic, which is a great surface to add a vinyl label or form of sticker to further help them recognize what’s inside.

  1. Big Toy Box

A bigger toy box is perfect for dress ups – you can fit a multitude of dress up costumes and accessories in a big toy box without having to worry about the items inside being organized.

  1. Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are perfect for duplo or lego, the kids can play on the mat, then everything just gets swooped up and pulled shut! Easy for kids to lift and carry, or younger children to pull along.

  1. Tilted Storage Unit

These storage units are great if you have a dedicated playroom, or some area where things don’t need to move far from the unit. One of the awesome benefits of titled storage is that it is super easy for kids to see what is stored in each box, and where everything belongs!

  1. Bath Toys

The best bath toy storage we have found is the adjustable caddy which sits across the width of your bath. It can be adjusted to fit almost any bath – and the best thing is that it has drainage so the toys will dry and not get mouldy!

  1. Arts & Crafts

We love our arts and crafts, and have struggled to find the ultimate storage for everything we have! We do love these stationery organizers though – as you can group your different stationery and move them about easily as needed. For things like paints and scissors we definitely recommend a box with a lid to keep little hands out!

These toy storage tips should hopefully get you started! Remember, a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind – so finding yourself some toy storage ideas and solutions that work for your kids, their toys, and your home will create space for you to feel centred and calm! Let me know what you think!

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