Everything is made of energy – food, objects, even our thoughts. Have you ever heard the phrase: ‘Raise your vibrations’? Or maybe you’ve heard people talking about attaining a higher level vibration? Read on to find out what vibrational energy is and if you’re vibrating at a low or high level frequency.

We all vibrate energetically at a specific frequency. A low level energy is dense and heavy, whereas a higher energy is light and clear. Both are equally powerful, but send out and pull in different receptors. This affects our mood, our outlook on life, our thoughts, feelings and actions, what we can attract and manifest, even our physical health!

Low Level Energy

The lower the vibrational frequency, the denser and heavier your energy is. This type of energy is linked to fear, anxiety, sadness and depression. It can manifest as physical pain and discomfort, heavy emotions and mental confusion. A low level energy is dark, and requires a huge amount of effort to accomplish goals.

High Level Energy

The higher the vibrational frequency, the lighter and more clear your energy is. This type of energy is linked to authenticity, alignment and being in tune with yourself. It can manifest as power, clarity, love and joy. While you will still experience some physical and emotional disturbance, it’s much easier to overcome. You live in a state of flow and are able to manifest what you desire.

two women sitting on white bench
Laughing often and smiling easily are signs that you’re vibrating at a higher frequency.

Signs that You Are Vibrating at a Low Level Energy.

  • You feel like you’re lacking direction.
  • You feel continually fatigued.
  • You regularly feel guilty.
  • You spend a lot of your time complaining (or a lot of thoughts are about things that are wrong).
  • You have habits that you’d like to change but are unable to.
  • You tend to pick fights or disagree with others frequently.
  • Your physical health isn’t great.
  • You hold a grudge and don’t forgive easily.
  • You struggle with apathy.
  • You feel emotionally disconnected.
  • You are emotionally reactive.
  • You feel unfulfilled.
  • You self sabotage.
  • You default to seeing the negative in things.
  • You eat a lot of low vibrational foods e.g. meat, fast food, candy.
woman in gray tank top lying on bed
Continually feeling fatigued is a sign that you’re vibrating at a lower frequency.

Signs that You Are Vibrating at a High Level Energy.

  • You’re self-reflection of your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours.
  • You live in the present.
  • You feel emotionally balanced.
  • You’re disciplined and achieve what you set out to.
  • You are empathetic.
  • You practise gratitude.
  • You’re creative and often feel inspired.
  • You’re in tune with your body and know what it needs physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • You laugh often. Smiling comes easily to you.
  • You don’t cling to material objects.
  • You have a sense of purpose.
  • You can forgive and let go of passing annoyances.
  • You do not “need” much to feel happy.
  • You often experience synchronicity.
  • You eat high vibrational foods (raw, unprocessed, whole foods)
  • You are patient.
  • You don’t feel the need to argue with people.
  • You feel confident.
  • You are intuitive.

The reality is that we all share some aspects of low vibration and other aspects of high vibration. The ultimate goal is to become aware of what areas you are excelling in, and which areas need more work.

Are you mostly vibrating at a high or low energy?


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