Motherhood is overwhelming, period. It doesn’t matter if you have one child, or four (or more), if you’re a working mom or stay at home mom – being in charge of other people’s lives (as well as your own) can be an insurmountable task. Does it need to be so stressful? Absolutely not! With some organisational tweaks here and there, as well as some inner work along the way – motherhood can be simple.

Let’s start off with some tricks to help you simplify things, Mama!

4 Organisational Hacks to Simplify Motherhood

Making mom life easier is a topic I am very passionate about! Here are some of my favorite tricks: 

  • Have a Budget (I love You Need a Budget) so that you know when and where money is going.  Then automate those transactions by using your credit card/bank’s bill pay so you don’t have to think about them! 
  • Use the Paprika app for meal planning– it pulls the recipe from a blog post or website into the app so I can easily use it!  It’s a $5 app, but it’s $5 well spent in my opinion.  Paprika also lets you put your meals into a calendar and even pulls the grocery list for you from the recipes!
  • Ditch the extra clothes.  Laundry is a constant in mom life, and while we do need a certain amount of clothes, chances are you have more (in your own closet or your kids or both) than you need.  Just keep the ones that you actually wear and store, sell, or donate the rest! 
  • I’m a huge fan of Trello for my to-do lists– it’s got a great app and it makes seeing what I’ve got to do in a day so easy- and it’s easy to move things around, because that ALWAYS happens in #momlife!  
Image shows a woman sitting cross legged on a table, looking at a clipboard.
Using apps is a quick and easy way to organize many areas of your life!

We are lucky to live in the age of digitalism – using apps on our phone to meal plan, schedule calendars, keep in touch and so on. However, it is also easy to get consumed by all of this. I am a huge fan of organization, and simple hacks to achieve this – but I wholeheartedly believe that diving in to do some inner work, alongside organisation is the key to simplifying our lives. Think of it like giving your house a deep clean – being more organised and streamlining your systems are like cleaning the outside of the cupboards and the bench tops. When we dive in to work on ourselves, we are deep cleaning right into those dark corners. And you have to admit, it feels so much better when the house is entirely clean, not just the surface!

Ways that Inner Work can Simplify Motherhood

1. Triggers

Woah Mama, kids can be triggering right? How many times a day do you feel yourself getting tense or losing your patience because your child won’t listen, or makes a mess, or is just too loud?! A friend of mine once said to me “they’re not giving us a hard time, they’re having a hard time” which has rung in my ears each time Miss 3.5yo is losing her temper. Obviously, we are only human and so we will lose our patience too at times – but if we are able to stop the emotional reaction and think “hmm, this is interesting, I’m feeling pretty ragey right now!” then dive a little deeper and think “why on Earth is a 3.5yo’s inability to listen to me making me feel so angry?” we are likely to uncover some deep rooted beliefs we have. Once we have the awareness, we can work on changing our reaction. And when we can change our emotional reaction – we instantly have less cortisol and adrenaline coursing through our system!

2. Mindset

To be honest, I used to think mindset was a load of bollocks. “Think positive and you’ll feel positive”… right… Funnily enough, I always believed in the law of attraction though – and really, this is just about mindset too?! Another quote (because I am all about the sayings and quotes in life) is that the car goes in the direction of your eyes or what you think about, you bring about. Ok, so that was two quotes but both have the same sentiment – what we spend our time thinking about, is what we manifest. The other night I wore my fitbit to sleep. And look, I know i don’t get a lot of sleep – but i was intrigued to know just how little it was. I woke that morning feeling pretty good, thinking ‘yah! That night wasn’t any worse than others!’ then I looked at my fit bit and saw I had only had 9 minutes of deep sleep. Yep, you read that right. Nine minutes. Instantly I felt tired. Like beyond tired. I realised that the way we think really does impact the way we feel.

3. Self Care

I know that self-care is totally a buzz word right now… bear with me though. Self-care is so much more than a morning off to get a coffee and get your nails done. Mom’s are the worst for putting themselves last and totally not prioritising their own needs. How many times have you had the kids uneaten food for dinner, rather than dishing your own plate? I know I am guilty of this! Doing the inner work means prioritising yourself – because if you go down in flames the family is going to follow suit. Self-care can be as simple as knowing and scheduling 30 minutes a day to have a hot cup of coffee and do something creative, or restful – alone, not with your kids hanging off you. A little every day ensures we keep our cup pretty full and wards the stress and overwhelm away.

Finally, here are 4 more Tips to Stress Less as a Mom:

1. Lower your expectations.  Then lower them some more.  Then a bit more.  Now you’re getting it. 😉  Give yourself a ton of grace- being a mom is hard, and it’s okay to not check all the boxes every day. 

2. Ask for help.  One of the hardest things as a mom sometimes is to admit that I need help- I want to think I’m superwoman, but I’m not.  And funny enough, when I finally do ask for help, I often find that not only are others willing to help, but there is often a way for me to return the favor and I have found a friend or deepened a friendship as a result. 

3. Unsubscribe and unfollow from anything that isn’t beneficial to your wellbeing- including your mental health.  If seeing those picture perfect moms on Instagram is causing you to feel discontent- stop following them!  

4. Pick several easy meals to always have ingredients for in the house.  That way, when dinner doesn’t get made or things get busy, you can pull out one of these meals and not stress about what’s for dinner!  

Moms are rockstars and we carry far too much stress on a daily basis.  I hope these quick tips can help you feel a little lighter! 


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